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Beta Program ? What's that ?

Our Beta Program enables everyone to play, test and send feedback on early versions of our games, for free.

We have already released playable, early version of WordTrap Dungeon.

The game is far from complete, but as a result of your feedback it'll be much easier for us to make it even more fun and more the way you like them.

What's the reward for helping us ?

Everyone who actively participates in the Beta Program will be mentioned in the final game credits and will hopefully have an impact on the look and feel of the final game.

We're also planning on rewarding the most committed Beta Program members with full versions of our games and discount coupons.

What is required to join ?

Not much: an email address, a medium-class computer (PC, Mac or Linux) and a little bit of willingness to help us make our games even more awesome.

How can I join the Beta Program ?

Simply input your email address, think of a login and password, answer one simple question about your favorite games and you're ready to go!

We will send you further instructions by e-mail.

I have a problem. Where I can get help ?

There is a dedicated Forum section for our Beta Program members, feel free to contact us there.

You can also drop us an e-mail at or catch us on Facebook and Twitter!