We’re super proud to announce that we’re bringing Digital Melody’s Timber Tennis to Steam and consoles, along with an exclusive, all-new online multiplayer mode, designed specifically for these platforms!

Wishlist the game right here and follow us for more details!

BUTCHER is now live and prominently featured on the Xbox​ Store!

If you’re not sure if BUTCHER is a game for you, check out ID at Xbox​ team streaming the game!

Xbox Store feature Prepare for impact!

Wreak havoc and spread the carnage in BUTCHER, our Doom-inspired run’n'gunner, now available and gloriously promoted on PlayStation 4!

PSN Europe: http://bit.ly/butcherPS4_EU
PSN North America: http://bit.ly/butcherPS4_US

Butcher featurerd
Butcher on PSN
Butcher gloriously promoted on PlayStation 4

I do love the shotgun on this. Everything feels really meaty. You REALLY feel like you’re doing damage!

– Eurogamer’s Ian Higton takes the PS4 version of BUTCHER for a spin!
In case you missed it – BUTCHER launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 9th/10th!

Insulting your console mates to score points? Who wouldn’t like that?! Introducing Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator from our friends at Vile Monarch!
The game will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be published by Vile Monarch themselves. We’re only helping in the development of the game, but we’re still super happy to be a part of this!

Lichtspeer, the striking action arcade side-scroller we’re bringing to consoles, is out on PS VITA: http://bit.ly/lichtspeerVita!

Benefit from a -40% discount for PS Plus subscribers or download it for free if you already bought it on the PS4!

PS. Yes, that’s a new, bombastich cover art made by CAUSY.

Cover art made by CAUSY