Monthly Archives: November 2012

An early version of our first game – MouseCraft, is finally available for download. Click here to login and download first playable version of MouseCraft! The game is available on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Please note the Linux version … Continue reading

Thanks to all the players who got involved with our program, there are nearly 530 members of Crunching Koalas Beta Program. It is time to live up to the promise and reveal our first game title and it’s logo. We … Continue reading

Thanks to some media coverage, our Beta Program member count is close to 250, which is far more than we expected, at this point. To celebrate that fact we decided to reveal our first game title and it’s logo, when … Continue reading

We are pleased to invite you to our Beta Program! Our Beta Program will enable everyone to play, test and send feedback on very early versions of our games, for free. Starting in November this year, we’ll be releasing playable … Continue reading

A few weeks ago we had an opportunity to test a prototype version of Oculus Rift, a brand new virtual reality headset created by Palmer Luckey. Many of our friends asked: “How was it?“, “Is Oculus really that great?” or … Continue reading

Some claim that naming a game development studio is not supposed to be an easy task. We disagree, the name should always come naturally, as long as you are not trying to hide who you really are. Here are the … Continue reading