Yearly Archives: 2013

The past weeks are all about wrapping development on the Alpha versions of our games. We haven’t quite crossed the Alpha finish line with development yet, but we’re so close we can taste it. We couldn’t resist snapping a few … Continue reading

It’s been quite some time since we released the Pre-Alpha of MouseCraft. We still owe you a summary, regarding the response we got. Also, we’d like to celebrate the fact that over 3000 people registered to our Beta Program, so … Continue reading

Hey guys! There’s a lot of stuff coming up in the days ahead, read this post to see what we’re up to, in terms of MouseCraft and WordTrap Dungeon. Also, watch this awesome concept of Crystal Golem, one of new … Continue reading

An early version of our second game– WordTrap Dungeon, is ready for download. Here’s a short gameplay video of available version. Click here to login and download first playable version of WordTrap Dungeon! If you would like to tell us … Continue reading

WordTrap Dungeon has been created during the Ouya CREATE Game Jam, a game-creation competition for indie game developers. Read more if you’d like to see the Ouya gameplay video or help us in the competition.

Crunching Koalas are pleased to present WordTrap Dungeon, a word spelling game, mixed with classic dungeon RPG mechanics. Pre-alpha version of the game will be available for download from tomorrow (29th of January 2013), through our Beta Program. Get inside … Continue reading