Monthly Archives: May 2017

We’re super proud to announce that we’re bringing Digital Melody’s Timber Tennis to Steam and consoles, along with an exclusive, all-new online multiplayer mode, designed specifically for these platforms! Wishlist the game right here and follow us for more details!

BUTCHER is now live and prominently featured on the Xbox​ Store! If you’re not sure if BUTCHER is a game for you, check out ID at Xbox​ team streaming the game!

Wreak havoc and spread the carnage in BUTCHER, our Doom-inspired run’n’gunner, now available and gloriously promoted on PlayStation 4! PSN Europe: PSN North America:

I do love the shotgun on this. Everything feels really meaty. You REALLY feel like you’re doing damage! – Eurogamer’s Ian Higton takes the PS4 version of BUTCHER for a spin! In case you missed it – BUTCHER launches on … Continue reading

Insulting your console mates to score points? Who wouldn’t like that?! Introducing Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator from our friends at Vile Monarch! The game will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be published by Vile Monarch … Continue reading