Crunching Koalas is an independent game development studio, founded by 3 promising developers: Tom Tomaszewski, Lukasz Juszczyk, Kris Lesiecki and casual game industry veterans- Konrad Olesiewicz and Maciej Biedrzycki, founders of Codeminion and creators of many games, such as Ancient Quest of Saqqarah or Phantasmat.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver fulfilling experiences, by patiently crafting cheerful digital entertainment for all those, who need a break.

What does it mean? It means, we don’t want to waste your time – we want our games to be short, packed with rememberable content and designed for everyone who’s willing to spend their spare time on playing games.

Here is why we call ourselves Crunching Koalas.


MouseCraft launch date!

MouseCraft launch date!

Tom Tomaszewski

Role: All-around person & Coding Wizard

Favourite Games: Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid series, Bastion

On the Web: Twitter

Łukasz Juszczyk

Role: Visual Magician

Favourite Games: Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker,
Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid

On the Web: Tridone , Twitter

Kris Lesiecki

Role: 3D Artist / Animator

Favourite Games: Final Fantasy Tactics, Valkyrie Profile,
Castelevania series(2D)

On the Web: Instagram

Konrad Olesiewicz

Role: Chief Zen Officer

Favourite Games: Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Quest for Glory:
So u want to be a hero a.k.a. Hero Quest I, Diablo I

On the Web: Instagram

Maciej Biedrzycki

Role: Brain of the Operation

Favourite Games: Lands of Lore, Master of Orion 2, Dino Park Tycoon


Role: Studio Director

Favourite Games: Animal Crossing, Magic Match, Tokyo Jungle

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Hall of Fame

Michal Zagulski
Helped in creating 2D graphics for MouseCraft .

Kat Wielgus
Helped as an artist on MouseCraft and WordTrap Dungeon

Piotr Klimaszewski
Web Developer