Remember Crunching Koalas, MouseCraft, WordTrap and our Beta program? You have probably signed up ages ago or maybe even forgot we exist. Well, we as Koalas, had our ups and downs. Maybe even a sort of mid-age crisis. But we’re … Continue reading

Together with Klabater we’re bringing Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, a vast and vibrant jRPG with skippable battles, to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in Q1 2018! The game will launch on consoles in a Royal Edition containing … Continue reading

Busy Fall for everyone here at Crunching Koalas! If you remember Sky Force Anniversary, the near-perfect shoot ‘em up we brought to consoles, you have to check our conversion – Sky Force Reloaded! The newest and biggest installment in the … Continue reading

BUTCHER, our furious and savagely fun 2D tribute to the Doom series, is now available on Nintendo Switch! Spread the word, spread the carnage!

Lichtspeer, our laser-fueled spear-thrower based in Ancient Germanic Future is out on Nintendo Switch in an exclusive Double Speer Edition which includes an all-new doggy-style co-op mode for 2 players! So, grab your lightspear, become a Germonaut and traverse through … Continue reading

Lichtspeer’s exclusive Nintendo Switch edition with all-new co-op mode launches September 7th! A refined Double Speer Edition of the one-and-only lightspear-throwing simulator will also include a new save system, major tweaks to the original difficulty level, and massive gameplay improvements.