We always planned MouseCraft to be an accessible, gameplay-driven game, but the most eye-catching aspect is definitely our main character.

He is the star of our newly released trailer and he is visible in the background of every level available in the game.

Meet Schrödinger, our crazy cat scientist.

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After months of tough development MouseCraft is finished and we finally got a proper release date. We are launching the game on PC, Mac, Linux and all the PlayStation platforms (PS4, PS3 and PS Vita).

Check out the awesome trailer we prepared!

Keep your eyes open for more news regarding the Early Access version next week!

MouseCraft: Co-creation Update

MouseCraft Co-creation Update is now available. Get it on or Steam, so you will receive all the game updates and Steam keys for the current and final version.

If you’re still not sure you want to get the full version of the game – download it for free, without registering to our Beta Program! You will find all the links inside.

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Two months ago we released an Alpha version of MouseCraft. It received many positive reviews and was alpha-funded in a rather unique way- our fans were able to shape the development of the game by channeling their contributions to particular game features.

Curious about our sales, Greenlight stats and our conclusions? Or maybe you’d like to know which features have been funded by our community?

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It’s about time… Right?

Go to MouseCraft’s dedicated site and get all the details: or just watch the video!

Download a free Alpha version:

Give us As Much as you Feel the game is Worth and receive the full game when the development is complete:

Help MouseCraft get to Steam by voting “Yes” on our Greenlight page:

In game crazy cat scientist

…look at this in-game cat scientist screenshot. Isn’t he awesome?

But seriously- we’re striving to release MouseCraft Alpha as fast as we can, but it’s just taking longer than we expected.

Read the post to get some brief info on the stuff we are currently working on and see some of the things we achieved for the past few days.

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