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    GamingtestNL: I had that problem too in IE, what you need to do is to select the HTML and not the Visual.
    Then select the text you want to quote and click on quote. The quote will show up in the HTML area.

    This way works nice. Thank you.



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    I believe I found a bug.


    Steps to reproduce:
    1. start game
    2. click on fast forward button
    3. pause game
    4. unpause game

    Expected behaviour:
    game will be still in fast-forward game

    Observed behaviour:
    game was in normal mode (speed was normal), however button switching fast forward mode was marked as active (the cogs behind it was twirling, however a little bit slower then in ff mode, and button was highlighted).


    And second one:

    when restarting game, you can see a pause menu for one brief second, after which it disappears.


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    esse: I believe I found a bug.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. start game
    2. click on fast forward button
    3. pause game
    4. unpause game

    Expected behaviour:
    game will be still in fast-forward game

    Observed behaviour:
    game was in normal mode (speed was normal), however button switching fast forward mode was marked as active (the cogs behind it was twirling, however a little bit slower then in ff mode, and button was highlighted).

    And second one:

    when restarting game, you can see a pause menu for one brief second, after which it disappears.

    Yep – these are bugs, thanks for the feedback esse. We will fix those in the next version of MouseCraft.



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    I’ve played your game 4 times so far, and i undersand it’s it early wersion, but IMHO you need to make it more challanging. So i made a new topic to discus my proposition of rating after each lvl.

    In my opinion after each lvl should be 5 “cheese pices” rating. And i think it should work that way:

    0 pieces – for not passing the lvl

    1 pice – for passing with only 1 mouse

    2 pieces for all mice

    3 pieces  for all mice + 1 star

    4 pieces for all mice + 2 stars

    5 pieces for all (mice + stars)

    To make it quite important, you can make “cheese lvls”, bonus lvls accessable only if you got enough those “cheese pieces”

    What’s more I’ve got a few remarks to present version of your game. You should also increase lvl dificulty. Moreover falling blocks should instant kill mice, (i know it’s possible to do it now, but really it looks wired, when smashed mouse just walks out from its edge). In additon when block land near mice, they should turn back and move faster for 2 sec. It will add new lvls options, and create more realistic mice reaction. :D

    I know it can be much to ask, but I hope you’ll eventualy consider my ideas. Also if anyone would like to add something feel free to do it. It’s just a sketch. :D


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    Hey, here are some of my ideas about the game:


    - You could add different skins for mouses so they would not look the same
    - Additional box textures would be cool and will make stages look more interesting
    - Rope, the one cheese is attached to, could have different appearence. It looks like a web :)


    - Sounds of jumping and collecting stars are a little annoying
    - Why no music? :(
    - Mute/Volume button in-game?
    - A little cracking sound when mouse jumps down onto a wooden block?


    - You could add “deselect” feature by putting back the block you picked with ESC key
    - Mouses should die when you drop a block on them
    - Please, either put all buttons in single menu (not all around the screen) or add a shortuts for them (like R – restart, S – toggle sound, D – Remove  block, etc)
    - New animation of mouse climbing a block instead jumping on it would be cool :)
    - Speed up option is sometimes too slow for me. Why not add 2x, 3x, 4x, etc?
    - Why have 3 mouses if not all of them have to get to the cheese? Also, there’s only one at the stating point :)
    - Tips should not appear every time I restart the level. Please add an option for turning them off…
    - … and if you can, make them a little more interactive so they’ll have a window that shows how to do something :)
    - For some reason I’m always confused as to where I’m supposed to start the level even thou I knowI’t be clicking the cheese O_o
    - Destroying multiple block require clicking multiple times on hammer. You could add “selecting/deseletcing” tool mechanism
    - Getting all stars should reward you in some way
    - When I remove block if a mouse was on it she just aiwalk for a bit.


    - Please make bigger levels…
    - … and more coplex too :)
    - You could add few spawn points to increase challenge
    - You might add few mouse types (like rats) that would not like each other, would be different in sizes and might be unable to go where other types can go
    - Add traps? :)

    Waiting for next update :)

    EDIT: Oh, and “unordered list” option here on forum does not work for me for some reason :(



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    I downloaded the Linux version and tried to launch it, but I just got a message saying there was an illegal instruction and a core had been dumped. However I failed to find such a core dump. I’d be happy to run any test you want me to to help you solve this issue.



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    I tested game on 64 bit Gentoo Linux – it works fine, but resolution was too low. I was surprised that  sound is working without any problems.


    As it was said before sounds are little annoying and in third level there was a little confusion about ‘gap’ in floor (it was also mentioned before by somebody).


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    As I wrote in the in-game poll: combining lemmings with tetris is awesome idea as long as it won’t be too casual in the endgame.

    Test platform:

    Ubuntu 12.04 with custom kernel (3.4.7).  (SMP PREEMPT x86_64)
    GUI: Cinnamon 1.6.7 (alt-tabing and switching workspaces works. Game don’t crash or do weird stuff)
    PC spec: Intel Core2Duo e8400@3ghz, 2G RAM, Nvidia GeForece 9600 GT with proprietary driver (version 304.64)

    Tested both 32 and 64bit version. both work.

    htop reports 37 – 38% CPU usage and 10% RAM usage by game executable

    [Audio] The sound when mouse land on the ground after jump (“brft!”). It’s…I know you want a retro style, but it’s way to retro, compared to overall game audio;
    [Video] Starting mouse wheel shows only one mouse, but there are 3. I don’t know if later levels will feature playing with more mice, but if no I think it would look better if there are all 3 mice somehow visible before you start level;
    Putting blocks back . I figured out that tetramino can be put back with clicking on it’s “counter” on the top of the screen. But it’s not intuitive. Maybe bind it to middle mouse button?

    Stars counter? Maybe some kind score screen after finishing level? Stars collected, time, mice remaining?
    Key bindings – it would be nice to have them (esc- pause/menu, spacebar – start)
    [mechanics] Overall game speed. I think that “normal” is to slow. For me the “faster” (speed time button) should be normal.
    [bug/feature] Usually If I place tetramino on mice, they will somehow get out of it. But sometimes they die (with all this “soul realise” animation), especially if I trap them somewhere in the corner. Is it intended? I think it’s good way to punish players for placing tetraminos without considering consequences, but I don’t know if it’s bug or a feature. Especially if you don’t want to fall into “videogame cruelty potential” territory.
    [system-integration] Game executables are called “linuxBuild.x86″ and “linuxBuild.x86_64″, and as that are visible in system monitoring tools. Should be something like “mousecraft_linux.x86″ “mousecraft_linux.x86_64″ to be distinguishable from other apps.
    [testing - specific] – Endgame user poll – mouse scroll wheel doesn’t work. One “scroll down tick” on mouse wheel scrolls all way down to the bottom. Scrolling up doesn’t work.
    [testing specific] Starting screen 1 & 2 -can’t exit from them, eg. with esc
    [testing specific] Starting screen #2 – on the e-mail form it should be something like “” instead of “mousecraft”
    [testing specific] FPS counter? Just for testing purpose.



    Why I keep trying to name this game “mouseCART”?


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    Idea of creating cheese lvls sounds good to me. Thanks for your feedback Gorzalka. I’m pretty sure that we are going to consider this one.



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    I also would recomend changing the way that destroy button works (that with hammer). It should be able to turn it constantly on and off. Is’s really annoying to destroy more than 2 blocks, when you need to click each time on that button. And as someone maintioned that floor in 3rd lvl was verry confusing. :P



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    Installing on a Mac Powerbook running Lion, the following happens:

    I am unable to get past this screen, which pre-populates the email field with ‘Applications’ and the debug message is:

    “Please double-check, we cannot find that email in our database”

    The field is not interactive, meaning I can’t erase ‘Applications’ and type in my email address instead.

    You guys should really enable attachments for this forum, so people can attach annotated screenshots.

    Looking forward to seeing the game though!




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    I played the first few levels. Fun stuff. Like a mix of Tetris and Lemmings. I like it.

    It wasn’t readily apparent to me WHAT to  do in the first level. I had to click around on the screen until I saw the shapes activate. Then it made sense.

    I would love to be able to move the bricks after placing them if I haven’t dropped the cheese yet. The way it is now, I have to restart the level if I’m not happy with my placement.

    So far, it’s fun! Great job.



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    Podaruję sobie angielszczyznę bo już późno.

    Wersja polska by mnie nie skrzywdziła.
    Nie udało mi się spostrzec fabuły. Szkoda nawet jak na tak małą rozgrywkę (chyba że to specjalnie)
    Myszy mogłyby być bardziej zindywiualizowane, mieć różne cechy wygląd i umiejętności. To one mogłyby prowadzić samouczek i nabrać cech charakteru. Mogłyby także uciekać z laboratorium “a’la Portal ” czy coś.
    Gra mogłaby nabrać dynamiki stając się częściowo platwormówką, innymi słowy cieszyłaby mnie kontrola nad myszami.
    Kot w tle robi “mroczny” klimat :) .
    Dźwięki… przez minute wtf, a potem jakoś przebolałem ale mogły by być bardziej stonowane, nie wiem do końca
    Gwiazdki, trochę średnie, może jakby zbierać ser a uciekać do wyjścia?
    Poza moim marudzeniem ciekawa gra, bardzo ładna. Przydałby się jakiś theme song czy coś wpadającego  w ucho.

    Pozdrawiam autorów i życzę powodzenia oraz dobrej zabawy.



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    It is better to introduce myself.
    I’m from Poland.My name is Michael.
    MouseCraft I see this:
    Optional tutorial control and there’s something about other things, the story may be the;
    People from the laboratory gave the hypothesis that mice may be useful for a lot of various research and prepare everything and then run away and so begins our tale of dozens of mice that develop in the circumstances of your logic escapes and begins a great adventure.
    The game will take place in various sections, especially the locations and characteristics of mood.
    In my thinking have been invented chapters will be this:
    First Laboratory 2nd Out of the lab and escape the mall.
    Mice will develop logic thinking, jumping, they develop immunity.
    Will shop: where our caresses MouseShop will be able to buy various items of clothing, to improve their skills.
    A special item will be renamed and improve store after finishing one chapter and the store will be called MouseMall.

    Best regards and thanks,
    I’m waiting for an answer.



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    For the MouseCraft game on mac I needed to add the .zip extension to the downloaded file. Once I did, it extracted and ran fine.

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