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    since I cant seem to edit my post I wanted to also say. I am using Linux 64bit but it also happens in 32bit. im using SolydK 64bit to be specific. if that helps any.



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    I just finished levels 1-30 as currently available on Steam, using Windows and I’d like to post a few points of feedback.
    - The music is awesome, but I often like to have my own music play. It’s annoying that the game does not remember the sound off and music off settings.
    - Around level 12 I was starting to think “Are they all going to be this easy?” Fortunately, level 12 is the first level I did not manage to do a perfect solution on. I would advise that this difficulty curve is about okay, but not to make it lower.
    - One or two levels, I ran into the problem that my mice got into a one block situation between two walls. That they sit down because they cannot move, fine. But when I remove one of the walls (because I destroy the block there), I expect them to get off their lazy asses and move again. I have a feeling that at least in one level this prevented me from getting the perfect solution. It might be visually more correct to keep the mice moving back and forth in the one block space as it might be important which way they will move in first, but that’s a minor detail.

    I’m really avid puzzler, consider myself to be reasonably good. I only got silver rating on the following puzzles: 12, 15, 19, 21 and 30. It’s nice to have them not be back to back.

    All in all I really like the game and am looking forward to the other puzzles.



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    GNU/Linux openSUSE 13.1 64bit
    MouseCraft Alpha 2 Co-creation Update (from Steam)

    I have two screens and the game cursor is not locked inside game window. I have to be careful when sliding right – cursor moves outside the game and sliding will stop.
    Using arrow keys is a solution, but at the edges the image shakes and sometimes it just jumped from one edge to another.

    Level 17 is still marked as silver after first successful attempt, but after I retry it with Perfect result, it’s not marked as gold. Other levels were marked correctly.

    Clicking Quit in main menu causes white screen, playing backgroud music and nothing else. I have to close it with Alt+F4.


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    I just finished the currently available puzzles with gold rating. The version is Alpha 2: Co-creation Update. OS is Win7 64bit. I played in 720 and 1080 in high quality settings and there were no hiccups, no slowdowns or crashes of any kind. Here are my impressions of the game so far:


    • The soundtrack is perfect. It’s calm and unobtrusive as you analyze and study the level, and engaging and exciting once the mice are released. The sound effects are subtle and pleasing.
    • Beautiful graphics, nice perspective and natural immersion. The lab on the background immediately drags the player into the universe of the game, and the seamless transition of one level to another keeps us immersed in that atmosphere; it’s a great casual experience and a great stress reliever after a long day. The color palette is excellent, pleasing to the eye. It’s joyful, but not overly bright. Warm tones on the foreground stimulates thought while the “coolish” background keeps the focus on the puzzles while still being visually engaging.
    • Pleasing difficulty. According to the company’s motto of creating fulfilling experiences for all that need a break, most puzzles have the right amount of challenge not to frustrate the non-hardcore players: they can be solved easily and quickly if one is not seeking a “perfect” score, but such a score can be attained with just a few more minutes of consideration and experimentation. After a tiresome day I’d get home and play the game and I’d feel like a champion solving those puzzles; that seems to me like the fulfillment of the company’s motto. Remarkable content, indeed. I have been playing several different types of game throughout this year, and this was the most satisfying experience I had so far.


    • Taking into consideration it is an Alpha version, I don’t have any complaints at the moment. The game is incredibly well polished and save for minor glitches here and there, it already feels like the finished product. So Kudos to the team for creating a product with so much focus on quality and a positive user experience!


    • Most of the bugs I found have already been reported. The one in which the mice get stuck between two walls and won’t budge seem to prevent a “Perfect” score in level 22 (they just stand midair even if the block below has been destroyed), but with some creative thinking there are ways of circumventing the limitation right now.
    • The only bug that I haven’t seen reported so far is when a mouse has already reached the cheese, if the player hits “undo,” the sound triggered by the mouse standing on the platform where the cheese is located won’t stop playing. In order to stop the sound, the player must hit “restart” or complete the stage.
    • Also, as reported in the previous post, completing a stage with silver rating and moving on, then getting gold rating in it later won’t save the the new rating if you choose to just return to menu after completing said puzzle. My solution to save the gold rating was completing the level again, but instead of returning to menu, I proceeded to the next level and completed it as well. I’m not sure if not completing the following level will also save the rating; I only had one level I could experiment this on.
    • I played exclusively in windowed mode, but I also had the same issue as the previous poster: I have a two monitor configuration and the cursor would escape to the second monitor and minimize the game in case I clicked outside the boundaries of the game. I wouldn’t say this is a bug, but binding the cursor to the game screen only could be an easy fix , though, personally, being able to freely move the cursor around is a positive thing, even if I didn’t play in windowed mode. Binding the cursor to the window would mean players would have to press alt-tab whenever they wanted to switch applications. I usually browse the web, chat on Skype and do other things while playing the game, so the cursor freedom is appreciated.


    • The floating monitor that shares basic information on the game was a very nice touch to show players how to play the game without breaking immersion. Despite the bugs already mentioned of which some information is shown in the wrong order in the first puzzle, I felt those two yellow buttons on the lower part of the screen to be a little bit misleading. I found myself more than once trying to press them in order to jump to a specific page to read some information I might have missed, but they didn’t do anything. Maybe that will be implemented in a future update? If not, that is such a tease! ;)
    • In level 28, the description that a TNT block can be activated by making it fall as a result of the movement of another block was a bit confusing. Illustrating it like you did with the mouse being electrocuted would’ve been clearer, in my opinion as I simply couldn’t understand what that meant. By “crumbling block properties” I assumed you meant using the crumbles of the crumbling block (the one that breaks when the mice walk on top of it) to fall on TNT blocks. After a few unfruitful attempts, I just tried to solve the puzzle without following that hint, succeeding soon afterwards by using some deduction.

    I am aware there is a lot to be implemented as far as controls go (keyboard only controls, use of controllers, etc), but here are my two cents on the current control scheme if you guys weren’t already planning on doing something of the like:

    • When no tetromino is selected, clicking with “left” mouse button (in quotation because to some people this function may be assigned to another button) on the background and dragging it scrolls the screen. This is a fast and responsive way of quickly navigating the screen, especially during puzzles that require a quick response. This brings us to my next suggestion:
    • “Middle” mouse button returns the currently selected tetromino to the stack. The shortcut to the destruction token when pressing the “right” mouse button when there was no tetromino selected was very handy. So in order for the player to have quick access to this function, it would be favorable to have a button specifically to return the currently selected block to the stack (as pressing the right mouse button with a tetromino selected would rotate the piece instead).
    • When no tetromino is selected, the mouse wheel selects different stacks available at the top of the screen and the middle button assigns it to the cursor. For those levels that require quick actions as well, this would help reduce mistakes by not requiring the player to move the cursor around to select the pieces, so the pointer can remain on the right spot during the whole time.

    These would give easy and quick access to essential functions and it would help the game  flow even better in my opinion.

    As a final observation, level 29 was, by far, the most difficult for me. While I managed to get gold in most puzzles in usually less than 8 minutes, puzzle 29 took me 5 days to solve. Each session lasted for about 20 minutes (while one of them was about 40 minutes long). The logic of this specific level was completely mind-boggling to me, but it was a nice excuse to spend a longer time with such adorable characters, immersed in such a carefree world.

    All in all, it is an incredibly well polished and enjoyable experience. There are, for sure, many more positive things about the game than negative ones (if I can even call the minor bugs and peeves a negative aspect of it), so keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to whatever you guys are planning for the next update! :D

    EDIT: Some minor proofreading and clarification. ;)

    EDIT 2: I wrote “retry” button instead of “undo” in the bug description. Now it is corrected.

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