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    Aha, Mousecraft! One would think it involves crafting, with mice presumably.

    Well not really. It’s all about placing blocks, removing some, and then adding more. To be honest I got bored around level 3.

    Don’t get me wrong, I find the overall concept of getting mice from point A to B by adding elements to the environment fairly interesting, but the execution of that idea just isn’t very good in my opinion. I see you wanted to build your game around a single mechanic, and there’s nothing bad about that, as many games are designed in a similar way, but this one just lacks variety in level design and around the core mechanic. It doesn’t look appealing in the long run. I understand this is prealpha and we get to play only the first few levels and maybe you plan adding some more stuff later in game. I’d really like to see and use more objects that are interactive, because in the current state the game is too basic and easy, at least for me. In the logo there are pieces of machinery, some cogs and stuff, maybe it would be wise to work in that direction.

    I think gameplay should require some degree of timing and planning ahead, at least on certain levels. Things like: place blocks at the right time or your mice will fall right into the mouth of the fearsome cat and die horribly. Here’s another thing, at some point the game caused a reaction which is specific to puzzles. After solving a certain problem I thought to myself: ‘Why am I such an idiot, the solution was obvious from the start!’ Puzzle/platformers tend to do that with gamers from time to time.  But they also should give an enormous sense of satisfaction by achieving something challenging. Portal had those moments: ‘Yes, I am the god of all reason and science.’ You get the idea. :)

    I very much like the art style. Mice look cute. Crazy cat in the background looks great but again, I’d like to see some more variety there too.
    The sounds are annoying, so please change them and add music. A game has to have music!

    You asked for feedback, and so here are my few loose thoughts on the subject.
    All the best.


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