MouseCraft Beta is now available!

Sorry for the enormous delay in MouseCraft Beta version! We have spent a lot of time polishing the game and while some things are still not ready, we decided to launch the Beta version now.

You can get it through Steam and MouseCraft official website (Steam keys and DRM-Free builds included). Those who already got the game will obviously get the update for free – look for the links inside.

Beta version changes

So, there are a few of them…

Ratoids are the result of Schrödinger's not very successful experiment where he tried to create mechanical mice.

Ratoids are the result of Schrödinger’s not very successful experiment where he tried to create mechanical mice.

Major changes:

  • Nearly all previous levels have been redesigned or rearranged (currently 41 levels). These levels won’t change in the final game release.
  • Added Active Pause functionality (now you can freeze time and place the bricks without time pressure)
  • Destruction Tokens have been replaced with Brick Bombs
  • Videos, new locations and enemies have been added
  • Support for Achievements, Stats and Steam Cloud has been added
  • Thousands of bugs has been fixed

Known issues:

  • Low video performance
  • Keyboard support is only partially implemented
  • Level Editor is currently disabled (we are currently working on adding Steam Workshop support)

Few things to note:

  • Don’t worry about the game being finished by July 8th – the rest 39 levels are already made, but we just need a couple more weeks to test them.
  • Please note the fact that all the levels have been redesigned – it means that all the existing saves will not work.
  • Linux version still needs more testing, so please report any existing bugs in this Steam community thread or our Forum thread. Thanks!

I already bought the game, where I can get it?

That’s all for now! See you in the next update!


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    Where you can download it?

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