MouseCraft: Pre-Alpha round-up, plans and… a help-us contest!

It’s been quite some time since we released the Pre-Alpha of MouseCraft. We still owe you a summary, regarding the response we got.

Also, we’d like to celebrate the fact that over 3000 people registered to our Beta Program, so we are announcing a contest.

Just try guessing what these bricks do. Get inside for the details!

Celebrating 3000 Beta Program members
with a contest!

Update: The contest has ended and the winners have been notified via email. Thanks to for all the comments!

At this very moment, we are implementing some of the additional features of the game, including new types of bricks.

We believe it’s a good thing when players can imagine what a certain object does, without using it or watching the tutorial. Since some of us are concerned with the clarity of the new bricks design, we would like you to look at these visuals and guess what each of these bricks does.

You will get a chance to win a full version of MouseCraft and help us in the development of the game, at the same time!

Please comment on the post to submit your answers. You can also use our Forums, since every blogpost has it’s own topic.

Guess what these bricks do and win the full game!

Guess what these bricks do and win the full game!

Update: The contest has ended and the winners have been notified via email. Thanks to for all the comments!

If you haven’t played the game or you don’t remember the rules, go to our Beta Program subpage and download MouseCraft’s pre-alpha version.

Ok, enough with the contests… Let’s have a summary of our first Beta Program release!

MouseCraft’s first press!

Releasing MouseCraft’s pre-alpha to the public was a major and exciting milestone, for us. We were all very worried it will pass unnoticed and we won’t get any feedback on the game. It turned out our worries were needless and the game has been previewed by many international and polish gaming sites, including:

MouseCraft got some serious media coverage!

MouseCraft got some serious media coverage!

These were our first press previews ever, so we were really, really happy to read them. Thanks guys, you made our day!

Apart from press coverage…

A temporary boxshot for CHIP's next issue

A temporary boxshot for CHIP’s 02/2013 issue

These are our two favourite videos:

Preview recorded by TheIndieGamePromoter- a fresh channel about indie games.

Preview recorded by Wonziu, star polish game-vloger

Beta Program: Crunching the numbers

To sum-up the feedback we have got from our Beta Program members, we prepared some simple and lovable charts. Click here if you want to go straight to the summary.

MouseCraft users operating systems

Pre-Alpha summary and our plans for the game

  • Most of you liked the main idea of the game. Mixing Tetris and Lemmings was a pretty good idea for a game.
  • You’d like the game to be more complex and challenging. That’s why we came up with the idea of different kinds of bricks.
  • The game should be faster. We will speed up the mice movement and add an additional button, which will enable to speed up time even more.
  • A big part of the players had problems in understanding the rules. It means the tutorials were bad and the design was imperfect.
  • You liked the cat, so we will try to improve his looks and make him the main character of the game.
  • According to the charts, the mice could have been prettier. We’ll try to work on them.
  • The majority of our Beta Program testers were male- we will try to gather more casual and female players to make the game accessible for all types of players.
  • Technical problems nearly didn’t exist.

That’s all for now- see you next time, after MouseCraft’s alpha version!


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    From left to right: 1st: steel ->Destroy any block under it

    2nd: -> will be destroyed if any block is put on it

    3rd: -> mice bounce on it

    4th: -> they will explode after some seconds (like tnt)

    5th: -> they elettrify (and kill) each mouse steps on it

    6th: -> mice pass into it

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