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MouseCraft Co-creation Update is now available. Get it on or Steam, so you will receive all the game updates and Steam keys for the current and final version. If you’re still not sure you want to get the full … Continue reading

Two months ago we released an Alpha version of MouseCraft. It received many positive reviews and was alpha-funded in a rather unique way- our fans were able to shape the development of the game by channeling their contributions to particular … Continue reading

It’s about time… Right? Go to MouseCraft’s dedicated site and get all the details: or just watch the video! Download a free Alpha version: Give us As Much as you Feel the game is Worth and receive the … Continue reading

This is going to be about an online gathering organized by Valve. You should probably skip this one if you’re not interested in the game development process or getting your game on Steam. If, on the other hand, you are … Continue reading