What’s coming up next?

Hey guys!

There’s a lot of stuff coming up in the days ahead, read this post to see what we’re up to, in terms of MouseCraft and WordTrap Dungeon.

Also, watch this awesome concept of Crystal Golem, one of new enemies coming to WordTrap Dungeon.

Crystal Golem, a new enemy coming to WordTrap Dungeon

Crystal Golem, a new enemy coming to WordTrap Dungeon. He is immune to 3-letter words and has some special offensive moves. Quite a tough guy, huh?

Crunching Koalas in Hamburg

Casual Connect 2013 in Hamburg, Indie Showcase.

Casual Connect 2013 in Hamburg, Indie Showcase.

Last week we attended Casual Connect in Hamburg, a business conference for gaming industry. We were pitching MouseCraft and WordTrap Dungeon to game portals representatives, publishers, and also presented the games in an event called Indie Showcase.

Expect lots of photos and an extensive post about it as it was a really successful trip for us.

What about MouseCraft?

Visit our blog in the forthcoming days and check out what’s the

Thanks to your tremendous support and our Beta Program we received loads of feedback on MouseCraft.

We want to show how awesome was the feedback we got from you, so we prepared some lovable charts describing the results of our first Beta Program release.

You can expect some info on :

  • What did you liked best about the game?
  • What would you change?
  • Who played MouseCraft?
  • Where there moments in the game when players didn’t knew what to do?

Also, we will try to estimate what features will be available in the next update, and when to expect it.

WordTrap Dungeon?

At this moment, we are finishing the design of the game (based on the feedback we got from you) and implementing features we already promised (such as the simple RPG system).

Also, our artists are constantly working on the enemies. A lot of these guys has been recently spawned in our minds, thus many concept arts and designs has been created.

We will try to post them as often as it’s possible so be sure to check our blog, Facebook or Twitter.


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