MouseCraft goes Ouya! Win a console in our giveaway and check out why we are launching MouseCraft on Ouya

You’re probably thinking- “Ouya? Why the hell would they wanna go that way and not for Xbox One, iOS or Wii U?”. Well, if you want to know the answer check out our 10 reasons why we published MouseCraft on Ouya.

You also might wanna check the giveaway part – there’s a console and some awesome T-Shirts to be won!

Why have we decided to bring MouseCraft to Ouya?

1. Because it’s easy. To make an Ouya game you don’t need a dev kit, a special Unity 3d licence or an experienced team of programmers. Also, the documentation is pretty extensive, the SDK is really intuitive, and the Internet is full of tips on how to make things work on Android. Seriously – try to make a game for a “bigger console” and you’ll appreciate Ouya’s simplicity.

2. Currently there are 995 games available on Ouya. We aimed for MouseCraft to be the thousandth game on Ouya. 1000th! Damn it, that would be so cool. We were so close!

3. Crunching Koalas never actually published a console gameMouseCraft was published on PlayStation consoles thanks to the courtesy of our dear friends at Curve Digital. We figured it might be a good idea to gain this kind of experience on an easier to develop platform, and Ouya was the natural choice.

4. Ouya’s staff is the best. PERIOD. I honestly haven’t met a more focused and engaged team in my game developer’s career. Well ok, my career as a game developer is pretty short and GOG’s team is also pretty cool, but still… Ouya’s weekly Dev Relations Hangout where every developer can ask questions and give feedback? How great is that?

5. Ouya can help you fund your game and they did help us with the costs of the port. Try reaching out to them if you’re looking for funding or you’re planning a PC only release – they may be willing to help you financially for porting your game or launching your game on Ouya in the first place. But I must warn you here – don’t treat Ouya as your primary market, treat is as a bonus, an additional platform. It can get you some decent revenue, but the market is still too small to make a living only out of publishing the game on Ouya.

6. Bob, the Ouya Games Guy, bought us beer at Gamescom. Yes, that’s totally a hint how to do business with us.

7. Ouya’s gaming ecosystem is constantly improving. For example- Ouya’s system was just updated with a pretty neat, out of the box solution for sharing User Generated Content. Hopefully some day we will have time to add it to the game, ’cause it fits MouseCraft perfectly.

8. There are many awesome games already available on OuyaTowerfall, Skulls of the Shogun, Broken Age, The Cave; and even more cooler games are coming to the platform- Hyper Light Drifter, That Dragon, Cancer or Thralled. I could go on and on, but my point is – it’s a really pleasant feeling to see MouseCraft getting the same amount of attention as these games.

9. The team behind Ouya helped us make the port in every possible way- they helped us eliminate bugs, did the QA, sent us the console, helped with the press releases, promised some visibility in their shop and granted the opportunity to promote the game via all their channels. That’s really flattering if you keep in mind that MouseCraft is not an exclusive game for Ouya.

10. Because we just wanted to do it. Don’t know why, just wanted to do it.


To celebrate the fact of MouseCraft’s release on Ouya, we’re doing a pretty big discount on both PC and Ouya versions of MouseCraft:

The PC version of MouseCraft is available for $7.49 until the end of November:

MouseCraft is 50% off!

MouseCraft PC version is available for $7.49 (Steam and Desura keys, DRM-free builds and original soundtrack included)

The Ouya version of MouseCraft is obviously available only through Ouya Shop- it’s $6.99 until December 5th (regular price $9.99):

MouseCraft is 33% off on Ouya!

MouseCraft is 33% off on Ouya!


To celebrate even more, we’ve teamed up with Ouya to give you some cool, free stuff. All you have to do is come up with some crazy ideas for our next game.

We are already 99% sure that our next title will be neither more nor less based on the MouseCraft universe. It will be a much smaller game, but definitely much more badass.

Enter our giveaway and win an Ouya game console, MouseCraft T-Shirts and gift codes!

Give us your thoughts on what you would like to see in our new game based in the world of MouseCraft, and on the 28th of November we will choose the answer we like the most. If there’s no clear winner, we will take “giveaway points” into consideration. You can post your ideas as comments, on our Facebook page, Twitter or through our email: . Rules of gaining points are described below, in the giveaway widget.

The prizes are:

  • 1st place: an Ouya game console + an awesome MouseCraft T-Shirt + a gift code to redeem MouseCraft from Ouya Shop
  • 2nd and 3rd place: MouseCraft T-Shirt + MouseCraft Ouya gift code
  • 4th and 5th place: MouseCraft Ouya gift code

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you had any questions or you’d like to tell me how bad my blog was, you can catch me on Twitter – @tom_tomaszewski or through my email: . Good luck in the giveaway!


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    Oh, how i would love to see an RPG game. Actually, i still hope that WordTrap Dungeon will turn out to be a dungeon crawler with leveling and stuff, that would be so awesome!



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    Congrats on the release!

    I’d love to see some kind of exploration based puzzle platformer. Sort of like Full Bore but with actual platforming. The premise might be that Schrödinger for some reason has been shrunk down to mouse size and have to seek out the help from the mice he previously used in his experiments to get back to his regular size. Instead of the caves that are so common in exploration platformers, the environment could be based around his lab.



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    Maybe you can create a racing game!
    where you can create custom tracks, and download some user content created by the Ouya gamers!
    And on the track you can find some itens can help you on the race:

    Cheese= nitro

    (Sorry for the bad english)

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